From around December 11th, on the renewed “” PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 version app, even if you want to watch the video, ” Sorry, this video cannot be played. What is this message?” If you think that it is displayed as a mistake, please contact Customer Service (error code 36). “Is displayed, and there are increasing reports of problems that Disney Plus cannot be used.

Here’s some information about this issue (unresolved at this time).

This Video Cannot Be Played (Error Code 36) and Cannot Be Viewed Due to an Error

When I try to watch from the PlayStation 4 version app, “Sorry, this video cannot be played ” ( error code 36 ) is displayed, and there is a problem that you cannot watch videos or movies. It’s happening among some users.

Unspecified Error

Since the number of users who encounter this error has increased since around December 11, it seems that something is wrong, but the cause of this error is unknown.

Also, regarding the solution, no method has been found that says, “If you follow this procedure, it will be fixed.”

Unspecified Error

About Workaround

Therefore, please try to watch from other than PS4 / PS5 until this problem is solved.

Especially if you’re only trying to play from PS4 / PS5, try watching from another device such as an iPhone, Android smartphone, PC, or Fire TV Stick, and consider watching there.

Then, when an update is delivered in the future, please try the update there.

Other Errors

Other Errors

In addition, when starting playback, it freezes while loading and becomes inoperable, or the error screen on the PS4 side saying “An error occurred in the following application. ( CE-34878-0 )” is displayed. There is also a problem that it is displayed and falls off.

Here is Error Code 36 Video

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