This Friday, it’s time to check out what new content is added to in Canada. This includes a brand-new Predator movie as well as some new sing-along versions of special classics.


“Prey,” which takes place 300 years ago in the Comanche Nation, tells the tale of a young woman named Naru, a strong and accomplished warrior. When danger approaches her camp, she goes out to defend her people. Since she raises in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains. A highly evolved extraterrestrial predator with technologically sophisticated armament is the prey she hunts. And, eventually confronts, leading to a fierce and scary showdown between the two foes.

LEGO Star Wars: Summer Vacation

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In need of a much-needed respite, Finn plans a surprise trip on the opulent Halcyon for his buddies Rey, Rose, Poe, Chewie, R2-D2, BB-8, and C-3PO. Finn’s intention to celebrate one final time together swiftly fails.

Explorer: The Deepest Cave begin

Professional cave divers from around the world scour underground labyrinths, winding tunnels, and dead ends for a passageway leading to the bottom of the deepest cave on Earth.

24: Legacy (S1)

A wartime hero who has returned home is unaware that tragedy has followed him to his nation. He is charged with the duty of stopping a significant terror attack.

42 to 1

The unbelievable, impossible tale of how Mike Tyson lost to James “Buster” Douglas for the heavyweight title on February 11, 1990, in Tokyo.


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Tommy Morrison, then 27 years old, had recently agreed to a contract that included a $38 million guarantee and a fight against Mike Tyson. He is popular for his part in Rocky V. And, at one point he is also known as the name Champ. Subsequent HIV test results altered everything. The promises, the escorts, the cash, and the women were all gone. Also, his excessive way of living was over. The public considers Morrison as yet another crucial turning point in the history of HIV and AIDS. A well-known athlete turns into a cautionary story. However, this isn’t a movie about the illness. Although, this narrative is personal. A story about a man who embodied the perfect man and received rewards accordingly.

Then everything vanished. How does one respond to a defining moment in life? For Tommy Morrison, denial was the key. Not only did he deny the illness for which he routinely tested positive. Great boxers frequently change their strategy toward their opponent mid-fight. Tommy Morrison was unable to change that. The only way he knew how to fight was to continue fighting blindly.

The Lion King (2019) Sing-Along

Simba must leave the Pride Lands as a cub after his evil uncle Scar kills his father Mufasa. He comes back as a young lion years later to take back his throne.

The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride – Sing-Along

When Kiara runs away from Timon and Pumba’s care, travels to the criminal realms. And, makes friends with Kovu, the son of Scar. Simba’s relationship with his daughter is set to the test.

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