Disney Plus subscribers have access to an abundance of new content through March 2022, including a series of special blockbuster movie releases, binge-worthy new TV shows, and the long-awaited streaming arrival of a family sitcom classic.

In fact, it’s a month filled with so much content, that we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting our picks for the top movies and shows coming to Disney Plus in March 2022.

Major titles include Pixar’s latest masterpiece, Turning Red, the classic remake of Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, and the premiere of Marvel’s highly anticipated new series, Moon Knight.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg! Check out our hand-picked list of the best movies and TV shows coming to DisneyPlus .com login/begin this month below.

West Side Story (available March 2)


Critics and audiences agree that Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story remake is a shiny new take on a classic musical that arguably surpassed the original 1961 film. Originally a modernization take on Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story features the burgeoning romance between Tony (Ansel Elgort) and Maria (Rachel Ziegler) caught in the midst of an intense street war between two teenage gangs of different ethnic backgrounds.

Fresh (available March 4)

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Coming up right behind his incredible performance in Pam & Tommy (also streaming on Disney Plus), Sebastian enters even deeper territory in Stan Fresh, a thriller that explores the absolute worst of modern dating. Fresh follows the young lady Noah (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and her new boyfriend (Stan)’s fight to escape the “normal hunger”. The trailer above is giving us real Ted Bundy vibes, but we’ll have to wait and see what horrors are in store.

Turning Red (Available March 11)

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Pixar has a great knack for figurative storytelling, and it seems that Turning Red is no exception. This time, as animation powerhouse is exploring the weirdness of puberty, confident dork Meilin Lee (Rosalie Chiang) finds her life turned upside down when her body suddenly undergoes a major change. Hair in weird places? Like fur everywhere!

Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U (Available March 25)

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Fans of singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo will love this insightful documentary, which charts the writing of her debut album “Sorry” during a road trip from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. Featuring new live arrangements of her hit songs, eye-opening interviews and several behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the album, fans are bound to love Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U.

Malcolm in the Middle: The Full Series (Available March 2)

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It’s hard to overestimate the impact of Malcolm in the mid ’90s. Feeling like a live-action take on The Simpsons formula, Malcolm in the Middle is an elevated family sitcom where anything goes. It’s also where many of us first got to know about future Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who plays the helpless father on the show.

Dropout (available March 3)

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Based on the incredible true story of Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) and her health technology corporation Theranos, The Dropout explores a tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong. Boasting only a high school diploma, Holmes became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, only to lose it all in the blink of an eye.

Moon Night (Available March 30th)


While all of Disneyplus.com/begin live-action Marvel shows until this point are based on existing characters from the MCU, Moon Knight will change things up by introducing an interesting character that hasn’t been seen on screen yet. Oscar Isaac leads the cast as a man who is discovered to have dissociative identity disorder, and one of his hallmarks is actually a mysterious vigilante who has inherited mystical powers from a statue of the Egyptian god Khonshu. sounds wild!

How I Met Your Father (available March 9)


Fans of the long-running sitcom series How I Met Your Mother are in for a treat with the show’s first spin-off, How I Met Your Father. Leading the all-new characters, Sophie (Hilary Duff) recounts the story of how she met her son’s father, beginning in 2021, when she and her group of close friends explore the world of dating together. Of. Will it be as legendary… wait for it… as daring as the original series? Only time will tell.

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