Asha Chaudrey (Sara Wolfkind) and her brother Kamran (Callan Farris) are portraying typical teenage life in this psychological horror movie. But when a particularly unsettling “online challenge” starts spreading, her parents Amir (Usman Ally) and Leah (Shannyn Sossamon) start to suck into the natural anxiety that develops in their sleepy small town as news of terrible tragedies spreads. However, as panic spreads and more and more parents scramble to shield their kids, the siblings start to question if more evil powers could be at play.

Generic. When I started viewing this movie, that was the first word that sprang to mind. Its idea and environment suits undeniably to middle or low-budget, there is no mistake about that. And let’s face it, in 2022, the concept of a “deadly meme” is hardly novel. It’s true to say that after the first five minutes, I was ready to rip this direct-to-streaming release to pieces. I really can’t be that critical after watching the entire 100 or so minutes, though. This movie makes an effort to make its idea fascinating. And it succeeds to some extent in its endeavour. Does that imply that I would highly suggest it? Not completely. So let me explain.

Our primary character in this story is Sara Wolfkind’s Asha, and she does have a little more depth than the typical horror movie lead. For instance, we discover that she hopes to become an ASMR YouTuber. This may not seem like much, yet it directly contributes to her character. She tries to project a calm demeanour, but it’s clear that she has some difficulty reining in her fears. This not only gives the movie’s premise a clever nod. But also makes Asha an endearing, appealing young adult. Anyone who has watched a classic slasher movie will tell you that in order for the plot to work, you have to like the person who is up against the antagonist.

In comparison to his sister, Callan Farris’ Kamran often plays a smaller role in the story. He isn’t entirely necessary either, though. The two young performers genuinely click as siblings, and the story never drags by having to show them arguing to make their connection seem “natural.” Instead, they work together when necessary, and the script trusts the audience to catch the subtle clues of conflict between the family members in the first few acts. Siblings may and often do fight, but it’s great to see a movie without hammering that point home.

The parents, played by Usman Ally and Shannyn Sossamon, are now in the spotlight. They are the most captivating individuals. They are the closest things to “bad” regular people we have, aside from the titular Grimcutty release 2022 (who we’ll return to later). In addition, the terminology is unfair. In and of itself, what they’re doing is not wrong. They respond in a totally reasonable way, but they permit their fear to grow until it puts the people they most want to protect at risk. I’ll grant that it’s not the subtlest of analogies for “helicopter parenting,” but at least it makes a good point in a fun way.

Regarding the parents’ acting, I do have a quibble with the way Amir, the father, is portrayed. He intensifies far too rapidly and starts to feel almost ominous, which is my issue. Although the actor deserves praise for mastering the “serial killer” glare, it feels strange when, before the end of the first act, he is already acting aggressively toward his daughter. especially when the mother is able to keep her calm for a considerable amount of time. I now wonder if this was meant to be a criticism of dads who are especially overprotective of their daughters. If that were the case, however, it is not well communicated and is fairly startling in action.

Finally, we reach Grimcutty. the story’s actual titular bad guy or monster. And regrettably, here is where, at least in part, the whole thing falls apart for me. Simply put, Grimcutty isn’t frightful. If you’re easily shocked, that might be a little unsettling, but the toothy grin strikes me as silly rather than dangerous. Not to mention that the suit feels like a unique but inexpensive Halloween costume (I believe it was a physical costume as Joel Ezra Hebner is credited as the character). I think the issue here is a result of both the design and the low-quality CGI. In a horror film, the battle will always be uphill and the monster doesn’t bother you. 

While we’re talking about terror, the gore isn’t too graphic. Although it received a 16+ rating in the UK. I assume that was because there was open talk of self-harm and suicide. Although there are a few barely noticeable minor cuts and puncture wounds, I wouldn’t say there is a tonne of blood. If you’re a fan of Marvel and have recently seen the Werewolf By Night special. There’s a good chance that you’ll agree that it was more violent than this straight-up horror film. What peculiar times they are.

Still, after almost 900 words, should you endorse Grimcutty? It varies. No, not unless you’re a diehard horror enthusiast. The notion isn’t really unique, and it wouldn’t even approach appeasing a gorehound. Grimcutty movie Cast message is not without validity, and the implementation is not wholly incorrect, despite the fact that its target audience may not be very large.

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