Off the coast of West Australia, underwater filming for “Shipwreck Hunters Australia” has just started. Also, the six-part collection is the first Australian documentary produced for the streaming service.

Moreover, It boasts an estimated 1,600 shipwrecks and is one of the most beautiful maritime habitats in the world. The series will use a combination of contemporary technology, historical research, and on-location cinematography to explore the enigmatic past experienced by ocean explorers.

The director and producer of the series are VAM Media’s Brendan Hutchens (“Drawn to Water ”), who worked alongside Terra Australis’s underwater photographers and qualified divers. The producer of the show is Katherine Barrett (“Aussie Gold Hunters”). Steve Bibb, a former Australian Broadcasting Corporation executive in charge of factual programming. And, the proprietor of Barking Mad Productions, is the series’ executive producer.

Afterward, A VAM Media, Terra Australis, and Barking Mad Productions collaboration produced “Shipwreck Hunters Australia” for Disney Plus. Federal funding organisation Screen Australia provides the principal production investment. Also, It creates and puts into production in collaboration with the regional funding organisation Screenwest. With assistance from the Western Australian State Government’s Royalties for Regions Program and Western Australian Screen Fund. Western Australian Museum provides further assistance.

“Epic shipwreck discoveries from a daring maritime adventure crew are brought to life in (the series). The senior VP and managing director of The Walt Disney Company in Australia and New Zealand, Kylie Watson-Wheeler. “We are confident that the bravest shipwreck hunters in the world will astound our Disney Plus audience. All filmed on our gorgeous Australian shores.”

Furthermore, In Australia, starts streaming in November 2019, and it provides the experience of significant expansion. According to certain analyst projections, it has now surpassed Stan. Australia owns it, to become the second-largest streamer in the nation.

Just three months after its introduction in February, Stan Sport is approaching 150,000 paying customers. According to Stan CEO Mike Sneesby, who made the announcement at a gathering of financial experts this week. That, according to him, created Stan “Australia’s most popular sports platform.” Foxtel, a pay-TV service, has long dominated live sports programming in Australia. For sports enthusiasts who don’t want to purchase the complete entertainment and sports bundle. Also, Foxtel released its own sports streamer called Kayo.

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