All gods are invited! Officially, the Percy Jackson universe is getting bigger. This is the time that Percy Jackson book series readers are waiting for since the first book was out in 2005.

It disappoints many people, including Rick Riordan, author of the YA fantasy classic Percy Jackson, with the movie’s calibre. Rick admitted in June 2020 that he had never really seen the two movies, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and in since-deleted tweets, he dubbed the two adaptations a “mess”.

Fans may now relax and celebrate, though. With Rick Riordan in charge, a brand-new Percy Jackson live-action series dubbed Percy Jackson and the Olympians is presently in production.

Below, you can find all the information we currently have regarding the newest Percy Jackson movie, including narrative summaries, trailers, and, of course, a list of the actors that will play the new Percy Jackson characters.

What is Percy Jackson About?

Greek mythology is brought into the twenty-first century in the Percy Jackson series. Which centres on a young boy named Percy Jackson who learns that he is a demigod. A person who is both human and divine, like Hercules — and the son of Poseidon, the sea god. In order to stop a war between the Olympian gods that could end everything. Percy and his two closest friends Grover and Annabeth must go outside of the mortal realm throughout the course of the series.

The Lightning Thief, the first novel in the series, will be the main emphasis of this first season of the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The plot for the television show is as follows, according to THR: “[Percy Jackson is just] coming to terms with his unexpected superhuman powers when the sky deity Zeus accuses him of stealing his master lightning bolt. In order to locate it and bring the order back to Olympus, Percy must now go across America.

What Number of Episodes Will There Be in Percy Jackson and the Olympians? begin

There will be eight episodes in Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ first season. Where he frequently provides updates on the progress of the show’s development. Its production, and news regarding his other books. In a post from April 3, 2022, Rick stated: “Scriptwriting is also progressing well. We’ve almost finished writing the first four episodes of season one’s scripts. And, we’re currently working on the final four.

We assume that each full season would therefore cover a whole book of the five-novel series. Since Rick has previously stated that he expects the new show can have a total of five seasons.

When will Percy Jackson and the Olympians Air?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians filming has officially started, according to Rick Riordan’s confirmation on June 2! Excuse me, is anyone sitting here? Rick captioned an Instagram snap showing a director’s chair with his name on it outside of a set tent.

Rick’s partner and co-star Becky Riordan tweeted the same day to confirm the start of production. And, to reveal that the first day of shooting included a scene with Grover and Percy from Episode 1. Which also included a picture of the clapboard.

The series may not actually premiere until quite some time from now because filming only started this summer. Deadline claims that the series should debut in 2024. We will be occupied in the interim, though, by all of Rick Riordan’s updates and behind-the-scenes tales.

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians, who plays Percy?

The series’ title character has been cast officially! Percy Jackson will be portrayed by 13-year-old actor Walker Scobell for a new generation. The next series will remain faithful to the books, portraying Percy as a 12-year-old child, whereas the previous movie adaptations of the book series aged Percy and his friends up to 16.

Ryan Reynolds’ sci-fi epic The Adam Project on Netflix has dubbed Walker its breakout hero. On April 11, 2022, Rick Riordan expressed his “thrillingness” over the casting choice in a beautiful announcement post.

Walker had the ideal balance of comedic timing, sweetness, rebelliousness, sarcasm, and heroism to depict our hero, Percy Jackson, according to Rick, who stated this on his website. “On Jan. 28, I had the opportunity to personally inform Walker through Zoom that he had been cast in the role. It was a wonderful moment that made me realize for the first time that this was actually happening. All the waiting and effort were worthwhile. It’s going to be a great project.

Rick added that Walker is a die-hard admirer of the books, making them the perfect combination. 

On Saturday, September 10, Walker provided some more information on his character. And what viewers may anticipate at Disney’s D23 expo, adding, “Percy is clever and amusing. He uses a lot of satire. He has a lot of tempers. Simply put, I’m tremendously appreciative to play one of Rick’s characters. We are all. I swear to you that I will make every effort possible to bring Percy Jackson to life for us.”

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