A recent story claims that a highly anticipated Marvel TV project has unquestionably been delayed until 2023.

Secret Invasion, a Marvel Disneyplus.com/begin program scheduled to debut this year. And, will now debut on the streaming service early in 2019. The series, which stars Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, will premiere in 2023, claims TVLine. This suggests that it might be released in the same year as Loki season 2 and three other TV shows.

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Some Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans should not shock by the Secret Invasion release date postponement. Jackson had already declared that he would go back to the UK for the Disneyplus.com/ begin tv series’ reshoots. and will let Jimmy Kimmel know he’ll be there in August on television.

Pick-ups for movies and TV shows are frequently filmed these days, especially in the wake of the epidemic. According to Marvel leakers like DanielRPK (via Les Dossiers Geek) and Greatphase, the Secret Invasion reshoots will be a part of a four-month production with The Marvels, one of Marvel’s 2023 cinematic releases.

So before 2022 comes to a conclusion, Secret Invasion won’t be ready for release. But it will probably be ready for release at the beginning of the next year. Allowing it to open Marvel Studios’ 2023 schedule. We ask Disneyplus.com/start for their thoughts as well; if they respond, we’ll update this piece.

One of four Marvel TV shows now in development is Secret Invasion. With Loki’s second season, which was stated, also taking place in London. Another MCU Phase 4 TV project, Echo, has started primary photography. And Ironheart’s Disneyplus.com/begin tv series will begin full production in August.

There are more Marvel Studios projects that could debut in 2023 in addition to those quartets. A total of three MCU films, including Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumadia, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. And, The Marvels are ready to release exclusively in theatres in February, May, and July of 2023. To see the additional information on how that trio fits into the MCU timeline. See our guide to the Marvel movies in chronological order.

Analysis: Why are there new shots being taken for Secret Invasion?


Unsurprisingly, Secret Invasion is having new footage, so that the story may continue smoothly between (and throughout) the episodes.

Parts of the MCU TV program are being reshot. But there’s a much more serious cause for it: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Marvel insider DanielRPK claims that a scene in Secret Invasion’s plot “hits a little too close to home with real-world events,” as reported by Reddit (opens in new tab). The scenario, as per rumors, shows some Skrulls imitating a terrorist attack in Moscow’s Red Square. That kills some Ukrainian citizens while they are posing as Russian soldiers.


During the current situation in Ukraine, it seems sensible that Marvel chooses to reshoot this sequence (and any of a similar nature). That is also undoubtedly, the correct decision for the studio to make, given the ongoing conflict. Marvel has a history of removing dangerous material from its works in an appropriate manner. Since it eliminated a plotline from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that would have involved a pandemic.

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