Werewolf by Night will follow the exploits of the eponymous comic book character, who frequently appears in more horrifying tales.

Fans’ appetites were recently whetted by a brand-new trailer for the special. This hints at one of the MCU’s most artistically unique endeavours yet. There is not much longer for us to wait until we can see the special because of its schedule to launch on the streamer very shortly in the lead-up to Halloween.

He said, “I feel like the world has entered this stage where all the terrifying stuff has gotten too sadistic. “And we’ve also lost the essence of it. It was crucial to me that this has a true heart to it, but not simply blood and guts, that it genuinely has a true moral core.

Giacchino’s remarks support Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who earlier referred to the special as “fun terrifying.”

When will Werewolf by Night be available on Disneyplus.com/begin? For all the information you require about the Marvel special, continue reading.

What will Werewolf by Night be about?


A hidden cabal of monster hunters emerge from the shadows and congregate in the ominous Bloodstone Temple after the death of their leader, according to the official summary for Werewolf by Night movie.

This may force participants into a mystery and deadly competition for a powerful relic, which will finally bring them face to face with a frightening creature, in a peculiar and macabre memorial to the leader’s life.

It’s not yet apparent how this will integrate within the larger universe in terms of MCU links. But it’s important to remember that Moon Knight made his comic book debut in the original Werewolf by Night series before getting his own series. Is it possible that Oscar Isaac will show up here? It appears we’ll have to wait and see for the time being.

Werewolf by Night cast: Who stars in the special?

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Jack Russell, also known as Werewolf by Night, and Gael Garca Bernal (Coco, Old) will play the role. While Elsa Bloodstone, a monster hunter and the offspring of Ulysses Bloodstone, Laura Donnelly (Outlander, The Fall) will play.

Meanwhile, Verusa, a member of the monster hunting team, Harriet  Sansom Harris (Licorice Pizza, Desperate Housewives) portrays this. Here is the complete cast list for Werewolf by Night as of this writing:-

  •     Gael García Bernal as Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night
  •     Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone
  •     Harriet Sansom Harris as Verusa
  •     Jaycob Maya as TBC
  •     Eugenie Bondurant as TBC
  •     Kirk Thatcher as TBC

Ulysses Bloodstone, Elsa’s father, Man-Thing, and other members of the TVA—an organisation first glimpsed in Loki—are among the other characters who will appear in the special, according to the teaser.

Michael Giacchino is popular as a composer and one can use their scores for many important films. Including Marvel features Spider-Man: No Way Home and Thor: Love and Thunder, has directed the special. He has previously directed short films.

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