Disney Plus’s GroupWatch function, which debuted in 2020, lets you watch any TV show, movie or short with friends and family.

GroupWatch synchronizes broadcasts so that everyone has the same viewing experience, even if you are unable to watch together individually. Just keep in mind that even though up to four different accounts can broadcast simultaneously on one account, everyone you invite will need a Disneyplus.com/begin subscription to participate.

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You can install and join GroupWatch using the Disneyplus.com/begin website or mobile application. Additionally, you can comment in real-time by tapping or clicking the smiley face button while watching.

The virtual watching tool is available online through a web browser and the Disney Plus app. Which is for smartphones and tablets.

How to start a Disney Plus GroupWatch on a mobile app or browser


Open the Disney+ app or sign in to your Disneyplus.com/start account on a computer.
Decide which TV show or movie you want to watch. Every game on the service must support GroupWatch.
Tap or click the GroupWatch button. The three figures appear to be arranged in a circle.
Select the Start Stream option.
When you’re ready to select a new episode or add more contestants, click the back arrow to quit GroupWatch.
To leave the group entirely, select “Leave Groupwatch”. Until everyone clicks on this button, the stream will continue.
Use the UP ARROW on your screen to slide up while using the mobile app. A pop-up window with a link to exit GroupWatch will appear.

How to invite to a Disney Plus GroupWatch

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If you already have a GroupWatch open, use the up-left arrow, click or tap there to go back to the landing page of the stream.
Select the “+” sign.
Then a box will appear asking you if you want to cancel or invite friends; Select invite.
Once the link to the GroupWatch stream appears in a new window, copy it and share it with your loved ones.
Tip: The browser will not provide you with a link to copy, but if you send invitations to individuals using the mobile app. You will get the option of shortcuts to send the link through other apps like Gmail or Facebook Messenger.

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