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There are several ways to access Disney+. Disney+ is available as an app to download on many TV-enabled devices. It is also possible to access it from your TV box.

Disney+ is a streaming video service from American entertainment giant Disney. Subscribing to Disney+ means accessing thousands of movies or series from your television, your computer, your smartphone, or your tablet, just like any streaming video platform.

Disney+ On Free, Bouygues, Orange And SFR Boxes

Its operator’s TV box: This is clearly the easiest way to access Disney+. In addition to its attractive pricing, this is also how Disney+ so quickly won millions of customers in France. Like all other streaming video services, Disney+ is therefore accessible and accessible directly from the Internet boxes of almost all operators:

  • It’s possible to subscribe to Disneyplus with a freebox, but not all operators’ boxes. This privilege is reserved for Freebox Pop, Freebox Delta and Freebox Mini 4K customers. The privilege of Pop and Delta customers, they also benefit from the six-month subscription offered to Disney+. On the other hand, Freebox Revolution subscribers will have to forgo a streaming subscription through the application if they want to watch Disney+.
  • Disneyplus on a Bouygues Telecom box, it’s possible. In fact, if you have a Bbox Miami (must offer) or Bbox 4K (ultimate offer) decoder, you can subscribe to Disney+ from your Bouygues box. Actually, Miami and 4K TV Decoder run on Android TV. It is therefore possible to access the Google Play Store and download the Disney+ application. Disney+ subscription is at the normal price.
  • It’s also possible to watch Disneyplus from the Orange Box. The Disney+ application is available to Livebox and Livebox Up customers on Orange TV. Disney+ subscription is at the normal price.
  • It’s also possible to watch Disneyplus with the SFR box. The operator in Red Square offers two packs that provide access to Disney+: the SFR Cinema Pack and the SFR Entertainment > Pack, and occasionally some limited series. To access this, a new SFR box or mobile subscriber needs to add the option to their basket while subscribing.

Watch Disney+ With Canal On Your Television

The Disney+ subscription is included in several Canal+ subscriptions, such as the Canal+ Ciné Series offer, at €25.99/month for one year, then €35.99 monthly, or the Canal+ Friends & Family offer, at €64.99/month, and sometimes- Sometimes even in a limited series. But, if you’ve subscribed to one of its two sources, how about watching on your television with Disney+ Canal?

  • from your box’s TV decoder
  • With the latest generation Canal+ decoder (4K-UHD). Access the Disney+ app through Channel 16.

If you subscribe to Disney with Canal, but the application isn’t available on your TV decoder, or if you don’t have a Canal+ decoder, you can always connect your television to a device compatible with the Disney app

Disney+ On Your Smart TV

After the TV decoder in your box, this is probably the easiest way to watch Disneyplus Begin on your television: a Smart TV, that is, a television connected to the Internet. Today, the share of Smart TVs in TV sales is more than 75%. And, the Disney+ app is compatible with smart TVs from multiple manufacturers: Hisense (models manufactured since 2017), LG smart TVs running webOS 3.0 and later (models manufactured since 2016), Panasonic, Samsung smart TVs with Tizen (models since 2016). designed models). , or a connected television running Android TV, such as a Philips, Sharp or Sony Bravia smart TV.


Disney + On His TV Thanks To A Multimedia Player

A media player is a small box (usually Android) that plugs into one of your television’s HDMI ports. You’ll also need to plug it into an electrical outlet and of course connect to the internet for it to work.

The most famous of these is the Google Chromecast. And, to watch Disney+ on your television with Google Chromecast, it’s super easy. On your television remote control, you must first select the HDMI port to which the Google Chromecast is connected. You will then need to download the Google Home application (Chromecast) to your computer, mobile or tablet. Finally, open the Disneyplus.com/begin application or the Disney+ website on your web browser and click the “Cast” icon at the top right of the screen.

Google Chromecast is the most famous media player. But, there are others that work in the same way and allow you to watch Disney+ on your television, such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, Roku branded box, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box. Without forgetting the Apple TV (and the Apple AirPlay system) that allows you to watch Disney+ directly on your television.

A Game Console To Watch Disney+ On Your TV

Nowadays, game consoles are much more than game consoles, which can now connect to the Internet. In fact, they also act as multimedia players on which it is possible to download applications. Today, the Disney app is available on PlayStation 4 and 5 and on Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series.

If you have one of these four video game consoles, you can watch Disney+ on your television. And it’s pretty simple: Once you’ve downloaded the application (if it’s not already directly accessible on your console), you launch it as if you were launching a video game on your television.

Disneyplus begins code

Connect Your Computer To Your Television To Watch Disney+

It’s not very likely. However, if your TV box isn’t compatible with Disney+, that you don’t have a smart TV, multimedia player, or game console that allows you to access it, there’s still the possibility of watching Disney+ on your television, and It’s also the cheapest: Connect your computer to your television using an HDMI cable.

The installation of the HDMI cable is very simple. Simply connect one end of the HDMI cable to the computer and the other to the TV. Then simply select the correct input channel on the television (a TV has multiple HDMI ports), so that the two devices are connected. Normally, the computer screen is automatically transferred to the TV screen. To watch Disney+ on television, all you need to do is open the SVoD service website on your computer’s web browser.

Install The Disney+ App On Your Devices

On some devices, the Disney+ application is already integrated. On others, it’s necessary to download it and then watch Disney+ on your television. To do this, simply open your device’s application store (Google Play Store or Apple Store, most often) to download and install the Disney+ application. If you haven’t already, you’ll also need to subscribe to Disney+ and create an account. You’ll then need to open the app and register your device (just once is enough), so that it can recognize your Disney+ account.

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