Have issues watching House of the Mouse online? Call Disney Plus customer support right now. We also have all the data you could possibly need to make that decision. You don’t need to travel far to find the resolution you require. Regardless matter if you like speaking to individuals on the phone or partaking in a live chat on a PC. We just verified that this number is still operational. Also, we have a list of the recent Disneyplus.com/begin expansions for you to keep a record of when you wait for a support model.

Clearly, since I created this article, something has changed if the phone number to the right is not functional. To fix your problem and resume by Disneyplus.com/start. Which is one of the top streaming services, follow the strategies listed below.


One word of alert, though, and I’ll be confident to remind you of this later: carefully turn down the phone’s volume before you make the call. When I tried it out for myself, I was met by a loud piece of music from Star Wars films. Which made me irritated and thankful that the call was on speaker phone. Even though I wasn’t immediately pressing this music against my ear, it was still alarmingly loud.

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First and foremost, we are aware that the majority of consumers calling Disneyplus.com/begintv customer support are hoping to speak with a live person. To check things out, I called them personally for that reason.

Though I didn’t have a problem of my own, I did apologize to Misha (who took my call). Also, ask about her favorite movie snack as a type of test to confirm she wasn’t a robot. When I called, she replied, “Popcorn,” and when I described why, she smiled and wished me a good day, just as I had done for her.

How  to get Disney Plus customer service

  • After choosing your problem, on the next page scroll down to the bottom. Search for it in the box at the top of it is not one of the listed issues. Although you could use these menus to brute-force your way to the solution, there is a chance you could resolve the problem yourself.
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  • Select Call Us – Voice chat was a choice, though we didn’t try it. It’s a virtual aid, not a live agent. And while I don’t mean to offend the bots, they have never, ever been useful.
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  • Explain in short about your problems and choose the option Call us.
  • Call the number – You’ll listen to the normal pre-recorded message. A phone tree with options for help in English or Spanish and chances to question for assistance with a variety of different issues. You can dial 2 to invite a callback when they are all set if the call is taking so much time for you.
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My connection to a live person took three minutes, but your experience may differ. I called at 3 p.m. in the afternoon, and if you phone trouble at night. When more people may be using the service, it might take longer.

Are you still having trouble using Disney Plus? We have all the information you need, including instructions for configuring Disney Plus Parental Controls.

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