You may watch your favorite Disney and Marvel television programs on Disney Plus. However, there have recently been numerous complaints regarding Disney Plus not accepting payments. Disney Plus has not received formal confirmation of the same. It seems strange that they have a problem with not receiving payment data given how many people from all over the world use this streaming service. This typically happens when the payment gateway’s payment tokens don’t match. will soon fix this mistake, which is just temporary.

Disney has a lot of payment-related problems, but you can fix them by following this guide. Marvel, Pixar, Fox, and other large entertainment companies have all been acquired by Disney, the biggest production company. However, Disney also offers ad-free on-demand streaming. Watch thousands of Disney films and television shows on your device if you have a subscription.

Disney Plus is not immune to bugs and faults, despite being a service provided by the biggest production company. The OTT serving app frequently makes the mistake of refusing to accept payments. Code 4 or 9 are generated for this specific issue. It typically occurs as a result of a login problem or erroneous and missing payment information.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Accepting Payment Details

Disneyplus Begin code

You can attempt a variety of techniques to try to solve the problem. Since the issue is server-side, you can attempt these solutions to resolve it on your own.

Method 1

If an issue prevents the payment from going through, you can immediately troubleshoot by using the procedures below for a rapid repair.

  • Make that your debit or credit card is still functional and valid throughout the nation.
  • Make sure you fill out all relevant fields and provide the correct information.
  • Verify that the entered ZIP and Postal Code are accurate.
  • You simply need to check that the encrypted PIN is accurate at this point.

Method 2

If approach one doesn’t work, try signing into your account again and continuing with the payments. Follow the steps below to learn how to Re-Login.

Go to the Disney Plus begin homepage and select the “D+” icon in the upper corner. Click the cog icon now. You are now on the Settings page.

It will take you to the login page if you select the Log Out button. Enter the information for your current account or start a new one.

When you log in to your account, it will direct you to the payment page. Fill out the card information accurately, confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms, and then continue. These actions might fix the mistakes.

Method 3

If you’ve done methods 1 and 2 and issues are still happening, your last resort is to try another credit or debit card because there’s a chance that there might be a problem with the card.


I’m hoping the problem with Disney Plus not accepting payments has been fixed at this point. These are the standard troubleshooting steps that you might employ to fix the issue. You can use these troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue on your end while you wait for to fix their payment portal. And until the payment issue has been properly rectified, we advise against trying any additional payments. As soon as the problem is resolved, we will update these details. In order to get updates, be sure to bookmark this website.

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