In addition to its diverse library, Disney Plus has one of the easiest user interfaces. To deliver a customized experience, it uses your past viewing history to suggest similar content.

However, if you share accounts, this customization feature may not be ideal for others. Plus, the watchlist makes it easy for others to know what you’re watching.

Deleting content under “Because you watched” on Disney Plus is an effective way to opt out of the customization feature.

Plus, changing your viewing history is ideal for personal reasons, especially when you don’t want other users to know what kind of content you’re streaming.

So, how do you delete the viewing history on Disney Plus? Unlike other platforms, you cannot delete or delete the viewing history on Disney Plus. However, if you want to manage your watchlist there is a way.

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You can create multiple profiles if you have multiple users on your account. Alternatively, you can checkmark a movie on your watchlist. If you check off an item, you may have cheated the algorithm.

Alternative ways to delete the viewing history on Disney Plus include:

Option #1: Checkmark Movies, Shows, And TV Series On Your Watchlist

Since you can’t clear the Continue Watching list on Disney Plus on the go, you can check some shows, movies, and TV series from the list.

Deleting an item from the watchlist verifies to the platform’s algorithm that you are not interested in a certain niche.

To edit your watchlist on a mobile device:

  • open the app
  • Click on your profile icon
  • open watchlist
  • Select the movies, shows and TV shows you want to remove
  • Click Details
  • click on tick icon

To remove items from your watchlist on a web browser:

  • Visit the Disney Plus Website
  • Login to your account
  • Click on Watchlist
  • Select the series shows or movies you want to delete
  • Tap the checkmark (next to the play icon)

Once you remove shows, movies, and TV series from your watch list, Disney Plus automatically stops suggesting similar content.

The advantage of this alternative method of deleting viewing history is that other users will not know what you are watching.

Option #2: Create Multiple Profiles For Users

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In some cases, editing a checklist can be tedious and time-consuming. If you get tired of editing items on your watchlist, you can create a profile for each user

To create a replacement profile on mobile:

  • open the app
  • go to your profile
  • Select Edit Profile
  • Click Add Profile
  • Enter profile name and choose Save

If you’re on TV or net browser:

  • go to your profile
  • Select Edit Profile
  • Click Add Profile
  • Enter profile name and choose Save

Once you’ve created profiles for every user, you do not have to be compelled to edit your watchlist. every profile can have its own watchlist and completely different watch suggestions.

One user’s suggestion (and streaming preference) won’t have an effect on alternative users’ algorithms.

Option #3: Forward The Movies To The End

Users can view the viewing history (of another user) by going to the “Continue watching” list. Fortunately, fast forwarding a TV episode, movie or show removes it from the list.

If it’s a movie, fast forward it until you see the credits.

However, if it’s a TV series (and you’re not interested in it), you can fast-forward its last episode and remove it from the “continue watching” list.

In some cases, you can watch subsequent seasons on the watchlist. If the Disney Plus algorithm suggests other seasons of the TV show you’re not interested in, use option #1.

The three options for hiding the recently watched list on are unmatched. Check-marking movies on watchlists, creating more profiles, and fast-forwarding videos are the best ways to power the Disney Plus algorithm.

Although they can be time-consuming, the options are efficient, especially if you have a shared account with other users.

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