You ought to test out these Disney Plus buried features.

Disney Plus is one of the top streaming services. Bringing all of the National Geographic, Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and material. This platform is the perfect streamer for all family members. Every month the list of content updates on the Disney platform as new movies and shows comes.

It was introduced in 2019, and since then, the platform has only become stronger. With the must-view original content such as WandaVision and The Mandalorian becoming binge-watching favorites. Nevertheless, even if you have a subscription that dates back to earlier days. There are still a few shortcuts, tricks, and hidden features has up its sleeve.

You may have access to a tonne of more content with the help of these tools. And, take advantage of exclusive content that gives you an inside look at your favorite TV episodes and films. Continue reading to learn about all the Disneyplus Begin secret features and how to access them.

Disney Plus Hidden Features: Access Special Features

One of the biggest losses associated with the transition from physical media to streaming has been the reduction in unique features. In contrast to streaming platforms, where you normally just receive the main feature. In case, you acquire a movie on DVD or Blu-ray you’ll typically have access to a variety of supplemental materials that take you behind the scenes.

But, gives special features for a lot of its big movies/TV shows. Also, to access this bonus content, choose what you need to see. And then, click the ‘extras’ tab underneath the play button. Trailers, deleted sequences, comedy reels, and featurettes from the making of the film are all available here.

Bonus features aren’t available with every piece of content, but if you truly liked a film or TV show. It’s worth seeing if there are any extras to enhance your viewing experience.

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The Hidden Features of Disney Plus: Disable Autoplay

Autoplay is a feature that can be quite helpful. It’s great to have the next episode of a TV show started just after the previous one ends while you’re binge-watching. It’s not quite as useful when you merely want to watch a single episode or switch between numerous shows.
Thankfully, gives you the option to turn off autoplay if you’d rather initiate the next episode manually. To do this, select the profile you want to update by clicking your user icon. Then press Edit Profiles, and after that turn off autoplay using the slider. This function is now accessible on desktop, iOS, and Android.

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Disney Plus Hidden Features: Unlock More Content

There is a lot of load content on However, are you aware that you might not be get the whole library on your account?

A few movies and television shows are available for adults. Despite the fact that the majority of the content on the streaming service is aimed at families. (particularly if you are a resident of Europe and have access to Stars). To see adult-oriented content, your profile must be set to 18+.

You may access the Edit Profiles area by clicking on your account icon, followed by Edit Profiles. Under choosing the profile you want to designate as an adult account. Then, Scroll down to Content rating, which is listed after Parental Controls. After that, it may direct you to your account password, you can modify the account’s age rating. To access the complete Disney Plus Begin Code catalog, set it to 18+.

Disney Plus Hidden Features: Enjoy Content Collections

Disney Plus is mostly well-known for having the most distinctive library of material. These include everything from a compilation of all the Simpsons episodes with holiday themes to a selection of interesting sports documentaries.

Additionally, there are collections of animated features, television programs, and shorts from the Toy Story, Cars, and Frozen universes. Moreover, they are only the tip of the iceberg.