Disney Plus software has been accessible for download since the PS5 was introduced. But it hasn’t always been without problems. Despite running on more powerful hardware. The program itself was the same as the PS4 version and wasn’t a native PS5 version. The PS5 app changes in September to reflect the availability of 4K streaming for movies and TV shows. This now has a limit to 1080p playback and, most significantly, it did not support 4K streaming.

Since the app’s first release, many PS5 owners have complained about this problem. However, so far, no steps are taken to address it. Additionally, Sony has not commented on the situation or the potential for a native version of the app. However, it appears that one isn’t too far off since a PSN app with the codename “Vader” looks to indicate one coming soon to launch.

On the GamingLeaksAndRumors forum. User Andrew posted many screenshots of the app showing up in the PlayStation Network database. 

The codename “Vader” includes many app photographs. It adds to the PSN backend and has both a TitleID and ConceptID. This seems to indicate that the app’s development is almost complete and that it will soon be accessible for download.

It’s important to note that since no precise information is given in the app’s data. There is no absolute assurance that the native PS5 version of the app will support 4K streaming. Although it would seem the most apparent thing to improve. A native version of the app might also provide capabilities that are exclusive to the PS5 that the PS4 version of the app cannot, such as support for HDR and Dolby Audio.

Native PS5 App

When to Expect the Native Disney+ PS5 app

Since PSN back-end database entries sometimes conceal release dates. The Redditor’s app discovery looks to have been a beta version. Even said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a while before the native Disney Plus PS5 app becomes available. The likelihood that it will be available within the following two weeks is the loftiest. But we’ll inform our readers as soon as we learn anything more official. For the time being, you can be confident that it won’t force you to view your favorite Disneyplus..com/Begin episodes without 4K playback functionality. As is the case right now because PS5 users restrict from utilizing the PS4 app due to backward compatibility.

When you use native PS5 software to watch Disney Plus. Several users have noted that the quality of video playing isn’t the only thing that degrades. It seems that some of the most recent programs on the service have strange cracking audio. Which prevents you from watching them on the PS5.

Why it took Sony and Disney so long to release a native app—which is now accessible on Xbox Series X—is unclear. I suppose it’s better late than never.

Why it took Sony and Disneyplus.com/begin so long to release a native app—which is now accessible on Xbox Series X—is unclear. I suppose it’s better late than never.

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