Disney Plus currently has 118.1 million paid subscribers worldwide which is a massive increase from 92 million in 2020. The on-demand video streaming company grows rapidly with over 600+ movies and 7000+ TV shows and the number is increasing every day. It also has a dedicated website, apps for smartphones and desktops, as well as smart TVs and more.

Talking about Disneyplus.com/begin on Smart TVs, apps on Samsung, Sony and LG Smart TVs allow seamless Disney Plus while watching a never-ending stream of shows and movies on the screen while sitting on your couch. However, the app doesn’t have its share of problems either. Apparently, some users have reported black screen issues on Disney+. Some users said that the screen stays blank for a while while some mentioned that there is audio but no video feed. Of course, there is a subset of users experiencing black screen problems with varying details.

After recording a few issues we at GetDroidTips have mentioned there are several methods that you can do to fix this problem. Here is more about it.

How To Fix Disney Plus Black Screen Issues on Sony, and LG Smart TVs?

Here are some possible troubleshooting strategies that you can deploy to try and fix the black screen issue. Let’s see how you can do it.

Restart the smart TV

Apparently, most users have complained regarding the film producer and black screen issue moving LG, Sony or Samsung sensible TVs, though it’s localized to the film producer and app and appears to have an effect on a restricted variety of devices. and not all promptly.

It goes without saying, restarting the TV fixes most temporary glitches and this one is no exception. Many users are relieved of this problem after trying to restart the system. The steps are pretty clear so here’s a general idea.

  • You have to close DisneyPlus Begin code and all other apps.
  • Turn off Smart TV and wait for a few minutes.
  • Turn on the TV, restart the Disney Plus app and check if it works normally.
  • If yes, it was a temporary glitch, but if not, move on with the other strategies below.

Check for Disney Plus Servers

Disneyplus begin code

Disney Plus uses cloud computing to provide all of its users with access to terabytes of data. Of course, there are multiple servers responsible for login, streaming, audio, payments, etc. If there is some issue with the server responsible for streaming, it could be a problem with ‘streaming’ audio or video or both on the platform. ,

Service interruption on the ‘Login’ module will prevent users from logging into their accounts, let alone using it. So, in case of disney plus.com/begin login black screen issue on any Smart TV or any other device, you better check the server status. This should help you gain knowledge if it is just you facing black screen problems or if it is around you or a fraction of users etc. Visit Down Detector here for Disney Plus server status and you should get the insight you need to stop or proceed. This troubleshooting guide.

Verify any internet issues

When you’re streaming DisneyPlus Begin code on your Smart TV, you’re constantly connected to the Internet. Any internet connection problem can actually turn into problems on your TV as well. Assuming that it is not just limited to Disney Plus, but all other apps are behaving the same, here’s what you need to do to verify internet problems.

Check internet speeds


Since you are streaming content from the internet, you need a good internet connection to do so. You can test your uplink, downlink and ping on Ookla Speedtest, which will help you get an idea of ​​the internet speed at which your Smart TV is hovering. If the internet speed is slow, try moving the router closer to the Smart TV or try another way. The goal is to keep the router in clear vision or in close proximity to the TV for a faster and more reliable connection.

Restart Router/modem

Still don’t understand what is causing the problem? Try restarting the router/modem and check if there is a difference. Restarting the device makes a big difference so restarting the router should also have an effect.

Unplug and plug

If there’s some problem with Internet access, try unplugging the router and the incoming connections from its power source. To make sure all connections are well secured, give it a few minutes before reconnecting and check if it has made any difference.

Call ISP

If the matter is with the net association and this can be the rationale why you’re facing the filmmaker and black screen issue, then decide your ISP. enkindle a resolution and you must get one. Note that this works just in case all apps and live programming on your good TV are affected, not simply the filmmaker and app, because the downside ought to have an effect on everybody.

Switch WiFi or mobile data

Disneyplus.com login/begin

Apparently, some users said that this trick helped them fix the matter on Walter Elias Disney and. modify wireless local area network network from A to B or if you have got mobile information, modify wireless local area network to mobile information and check if the streaming on Walter Elias Disney and plays with none hitches.

If this works, your ISP could also be unable to stream information to Walter Elias Disney and. you’ll have to be compelled to visit the ISP regarding constant. If the net is not the drawback and it’s simply Walter Elias Disney and abuse, the following approach can be of ease.

Uninstall & Re-install

Disneyplus begin code

This is a proven method to fix my bug related to Smart TV Disney Plus or any other app available out there. Since you have to uninstall the app first, you are getting rid of everything that comes with it, be it features or bugs. The next part is to reinstall the app which will eventually fix the Disney Plus black screen issue. See here how it works.

Samsung Smart TV

Note that the process may vary slightly depending on the model you are using so consider this method as the backbone.

  • First, on the Smart Hub panel, go to Apps.
  • Proceed to the “My Apps” section and hit the Options icon at the top-right corner.
  • Select “Delete my apps” from the options and it will ask you which apps you want to remove.


  • A list of installed apps will appear where you can proceed to the different options and select “Remove” or “Uninstall”.
  • The system will prompt you to confirm so select “Delete” and that’s it.

Once you have uninstalled the app from Samsung Smart TV, you will need to reinstall it. The process is as follows-

  • After pressing the Home button on the remote, go to Apps.
  • Next, search for “DisneyPlus.com/begin” if not available on the Home screen.
  • Download and install it.
  • Set it up as a new app and that’s it.

LG Smart TV

LG conjointly has totally different models of good TVs, which implies the method could vary slightly. Here is the general flow to uninstall associate degree app on LG good TV.

  • First, press the house button on your remote.
  • On the way right could be a pencil-shaped icon that may guide you to “Edit Mode”.
  • Use your remote to hover over the app (Disney and, during this case), and press “X” on the remote.
  • A confirmation alert can seem thus choose “yes” and it’s done.

Now that you have just uninstalled the app from your LG good TV, it is time to install it.

  • First, open the LG Content Store and use its search field to go looking for Walt Disney and.
  • Open the page for Walt Disney and hit “Install” on the left facet of the screen.
  • Press “Launch” when the installation is complete and that is it.

Sony Smart TV


Here is how you can uninstall Disneyplus.com login/begin from Sony Smart TV.

from the beginning

  • Press the “Home Button” on the remote (older models)
  • Hit the Quick Settings button (marked with a cogwheel) on the remote (2019 and newer)
  • Proceed to “Settings” on the screen.
  • Select “Apps” from the options.
  • Tap on “See All Apps” and then, select the app you want to remove and press “Uninstall” and that’s it.

After deleting the app from your Smart TV, it’s time to reinstall it. Depending on which version you use (Google TV or Android TV), the process may vary slightly.

On Google TV: Go to Apps >> Search for the app you want to install and hit “Install”.

On Android TV: Press the Home button on your remote, go to Google Play Store >> Apps >> Search Disney Plus >> and press “Install.”

Update Smart TV’s firmware


It goes while not language, it’s necessary to stay code updated. Since your good TV runs on code, it conjointly desires associate updates, and here’s however you’ll be able to update your Samsung, Sony, and LG good TVs severally.

For Samsung Smart TV

  • Press Home on your remote and move to Settings.
  • Select Support from the choices and navigate towards “Software Update”.
  • You should see an inventory “Update now” that you wish to faucet so your system will really rummage around for on the market updates.
  • Once the update is detected, it’ll update mechanically. If not, you’ll get on the newest patch of code on your good TV.

For Sony Smart TV

Google and Android TV: You need to go to Home >> System Software Update. You may receive a notification if the update is available or not, you can download it, install it and restart the TV so that the update is successfully installed on your system.

For others: Go to Help >> Customer Support >> Software Updates >> Network and install updates if available.

For LG Smart TV

Here’s how the process works for you.

  • To get to the Launcher bar, go to the Home or Smart button on your remote.
  • Go to Settings >> All Settings >> General >> About This TV.
  • Turn on “Allow Automatic Updates” and then, you need to tap on “Check for Updates”.
  • You have to download the available update, install it and that’s it.

Wrapping Up

These were just some of the methods that will come in handy if you end up with a Disney Plus black screen problem on a Samsung, Sony, or LG Smart TV or really, any other TV for that matter. Tell us which method really helped in your case so that we can mark it as more effective than others.

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