On Friday, August 12, 2022, Disney+ in the United States will launch the “Disney’s Summer Magic Quest” special. This summer, the Disneyplus.com/begin Channel recently aired the spectacular.

The summer crusade will lead our contestants through the classic areas of EPCOT. Where the impossibly becomes attainable, in this “Magic Quest” expedition. The two teams will compete in a race around the globe and beyond, traversing all four EPCOT neighborhoods. Including “World Showcase,” which is home to 12 distinct country experiences, “World Discovery,” which emphasizes space exploration, and “World Nature”. Which highlights the beauty of the natural world on Earth, and “World Celebration,” which examines the development of innovations. Along with exclusive access to the brand-new Wonders of Xandar Pavilion’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Cosmic Rewind ride, the contestants will also get an insider’s view of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction.


This unique quality Meg Donnelly, Pearce Joza, Kylee Russell, and Matt Cornett duke it out in a lighthearted battle royal with brand-new difficult obstacles in “ZOMBIES 3.” Disneyplus.com/begin Holiday Magic Quest was presented by special actress and comedian Yvette Nicole Brown (“Big Shot”) in December of last year. She is back for this special.

As the two teams race to finish their mission before daylight, expect to see unexpected moments and special guests. In honor of the victorious team, will make a contribution to the Special Olympics to support their goal of empowering athletes with various abilities.

There are 10 new changes that you will see in 2022

  • Screen Rant: The last two Magic Quests were set during the summer, not the holidays. What caused the season to change?
  • Is there any extra pressure to show off how amazing the parks are because it is Walt Disney plus begin code World’s 50th anniversary?
  • I have yet to ride the Cosmic Rewind ride, but I now feel compelled to visit Florida and do it. First off, how do you film that? 
  • I’m sure that is the ride of a lifetime, but you made it seem like it wasn’t it. Which additional sites did you consider for this special?
  • The previous year they denote the prize money to Toys for Tots; this time, it will go to the Special Olympics. What factors should they take into consideration when choosing the charities. And, how do they represent Disney’s goals and your own preferences for the undertaking?
  • I’m eagerly anticipating the release of Zombies 3, and the special features of the original cast of the show having a blast once more. What inventive and energetic contributions do they make to the problems?
  • Yvette Nicole Brown is a light of energy in and of herself. How enjoyable is it to collaborate with her, and how do you handle the written part she plays?
  • Are there any challenges in this round that you want to attempt but are forced to abandon? Due to schedule issues or because they were simply too difficult?
  • You are with Disneyplus.com/start for a long time. What aspect of this alliance and cooperation is your favorite?
  • So far, we’ve had a variety of cast combinations from Zombies, which has been a lot of fun. Do you have any additional Disney Channel or Disney+ franchises that you’d like to try a quest with?
  • Given that you must build these tasks, how much experience do you have with the various rides?
  • What attractions would you suggest to someone who had never gone to Walt Disney World before as their first stop?

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