Disney+ offers over 1000 streams – Disney Classics, Star Wars, Marvel, Documentaries and Series. Over 300 series and movies have been added since February 23, 2021. The service would then like to pay 9 instead of 7 euros per month or 90 instead of 70 euros per year.

That’s a lot of money and a significant increase. In the article, we show what new Disney has to offer, which TVs direct Disney + and how to fit older TVs to the streaming service.

On the other hand, if you’re not sure whether Disney+ is right or not, you’ll find more information about the various services and offers in the article: Best Video Streaming Providers.

Over 300 new movies and series

The new Disney program “Star” is primarily aimed at older audiences. It provides content with ratings higher than 12; It consists of 55 multi-season series, 5 exclusives and approximately 280 films. Most of the material is nothing new – next to all the parts of Die Hard are series like Castle that has 8 seasons or classics like Braveheart from the last century.

Does this justify the additional fee of two euros? We claim no. From our point of view, Disney+ only gets really interesting when new in-house productions appear. This includes several Star Wars series that Disney is working on, as well as Marvel spin-offs and a Percy Jackson series.

These TVs Support Disney+

Disney+ works like a simple app that can be installed on multiple connected TVs. It works in the same way as the application on the smartphone. In other words: you switch to the respective App Store on your TV, look for the app, and press Install. As always, the devil is in the detail, as not every smart TV has an up-to-date app store.

Disney+ On Philips TVs

According to Philips, the app is available for all TVs with the Android OS, as long as they have at least Android Oreo installed and were sold in 2015 or later. To find out, go to “Settings – All Settings – Android Settings – About” on the TV. There you can see the version number of Android OS under Version. Android Oreo version is 8.

If Android Oreo isn’t installed on the TV yet, it’s worth taking a look at the software update. It can also be found in Settings under “Software Update”. Philips offers solid software support. Specifically, we were able to update the Philips 55PUS6501 to the current Android version from 2016 and then get access to Disney+. So if you own a Philips TV, then you must try this method. If the app doesn’t appear or if an update to Android 8 isn’t possible again, we recommend the Fire TV Stick for streaming Disney+ and other services.


Disney+ On Samsung TVs

Samsung is going its own way with the Tizen operating system. There are an incredibly large number of tools. But which Samsung TV can handle Disney+? When asked, Samsung tells us that all devices above the K series can install Disney+ as an app. The only limitation: Disney+ content in UHD hasn’t yet been shown on 4K TVs since 2016.

Specifically, Disney+ has the following product range and years of production:

  • Q=2017/2018/2019/2020 (QLED)
  • TU = 2020 (UHD)
  • t = 2020
  • ru = 2019 (UHD)
  • NU = 2018 (UHD)
  • n = 2018
  • MU = 2017 (UHD)
  • M = 2017
  • KS = 2016 (SUHD)
  • KU = 2016 (UHD)
  • k = 2016

Caution: The product series name is not at the beginning, but in the middle, after the number that indicates the diagonal. Samsung UE55 RU 7179 belongs to the RU product series, Samsung GQ55 Q 70R belongs to Q series.

If your own TV is one of these products, you should find the app in the integrated App Store, and it may also appear in the menu automatically. If not, a software update may help. In TV, you will get the option under “Menu – Support – Software Update”. If no update appears there, you can search for the update manually on Samsung’s support page.

Note: If you have a TV (pre-2015 devices) with the Orsay operating system and older Samsung TVs from the J and H series, you can’t get Disney + directly in the App Store. Here we also recommend the Fire TV Stick as an easy and cheap way to back Disney+ and other streaming services.

Disney+ For LG TVs

With webOS, LG relies on its own operating system for its TVs. According to the company, all devices running WebOS 3.0 should make the Disney app available directly in the unified App Store. If it doesn’t automatically show up in the LG TV’s App Store, a software update will probably help. The new version is installed using the remote control. The update process should be found under “Settings – Advanced settings – General – About this TV – Check for updates”. The best chance for an update is with circa 2016 devices.

Anyone who doesn’t have an LG with WebOS 3.0 or whose television is older and doesn’t get the update can get Disney+ back relatively inexpensively with a streaming stick or external media player. We show the appropriate tools further in the article.


Disney On Sharp TVs

Sharp TVs often offer solid value for money. However, that’s at the expense of software, as we found out in testing the Aquos LC-70UI7652E. This is also due to the fact that Sharp has been dependent on Linux derivatives for a long time. And unfortunately there is no Disney+ app for these devices, and there are currently no plans to upgrade to a different operating system. Compared to TechStage, Sharp only mentions the BL series of devices as Disney +-compatible – they come with the current Android OS. For owners of older Sharp devices, there’s still the option of a new TV or a streaming stick like the Amazon Fire Stick .

Disney+ On Grundig TVs

When asked, Grundig told us that they unfortunately don’t have a list of devices that support Disney+. However, since the manufacturer is relying on its own operating system, the chances are slim. There’s no harm in taking a look at any of the existing app stores, even if your chances of finding a match aren’t high. An exception is Grundig 55 GOB 9099 (test report). Thanks to Fire TV OS, it has a proper directory for applications so you can easily install Disney+. For everyone else, we recommend an upgrade solution like the Fire TV Stick or Media Center.

Disney+ On Sony TVs

Disneyplus Begin code

In addition to Playstation, Sony Bravia TVs with Android are also Disney+ ready. There’s a little witchcraft here, if Bravia supports current Android it should also be able to install Disney+ as an app. You should check if automatic updates are activated. On older Android TVs, this is done via the Home button on the remote control, then the apps continue to help. Here there should be an item called System Software Update, where you can enable automatic search for updates and their installation. Alternatively, you can find the firmware for your device on the Sony support page, copy it to a USB stick, and import from there. However, we recommend automatic updates.

Disney+ On Medion TVs

Median’s cheap TVs attract with bigger screens and lower prices. They are often available cheaply from discounters or online promotions. However, anyone who owns such a device probably also knows that the operating system is not really fast or flexible. This is because this portal comes from another company. Upon request, Median informs us that while the TVs currently only support Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ is not on board. So if you buy a cheaper Median TV, you should invest a portion of the money saved in a streaming stick or external media center. We show the appropriate tools further in the article.

Streaming Stick

The Streaming Stick is the easiest way to intelligently upgrade any TV with smart functions. They are also affordable, starting at 37 euros. The Streaming Stick is currently the easiest option for getting Disney+ on TV later. The Amazon Fire TV Stick delivers high-performing results for a small budget. Disney+ runs fine on it. If you want to stream in 4K, you can get the Fire TV Stick 4K (test report) for 10 euros more.

Media Center

If you need a bit more performance and smooth operation, media centers are a good choice. Apple TV 4K (test report), Fire TV Cube (test report) or Nvidia Shield TV (test report) are between 120 and 200 euros. Not only is pure streaming possible here, but gaming or voice control is also possible. But if you’re looking for a quick and cheap solution to Disney+ on TV, you’re better off with sticks. Too bad: The Disney app isn’t available on older Apple TVs, ie those under 3rd generation.


Do you still have Xbox One, One X (test report) or Playstation 4 (test report) at home? Then you can avoid purchasing streaming sticks and media centers altogether, as there is a Disney+ app for the console. However, if you have a Nintendo Switch, you will be disappointed. There is no related app here. Too bad, because the handheld hybrid would be well suited as a mobile media center.

Kodi Addon For Disney+

There is no official Disney+ add-on for the popular media player Kodi – but luckily there is an unofficial one. It comes from developer Matt Huisman and can be installed via the Slyguy repository. However, it is important that the DRM functions are installed for Kodi 18 through InputStream Adaptive 2.4.5 or for Kodi 19 through 2.6.0. These add-ons can be found in Kodi’s built-in catalog. To install Disney + add-ons, you first need to add the SlyGuy repository, this page explains how to do so. After updating the packages, Disney+ can be found in the video add-ons area. An existing subscription is required to view the content.

Operation And Film Experience

When signing up, Disneyplus.com/begin thought for registered users. If you’re already logged into the smartphone, all you need to do is open the app there and be on the same network as the TV you want to log into. The app then asks if you want to give the TV access to the account and you’re already logged in – without the hassle of entering a password via the remote control.

The Disney+ app is similar to the Netflix interface – this applies to smartphones, tablets, streaming sticks, and consoles alike. However, we like the search menu a lot better than other streaming services: not only is there a classic search bar in which you can type in a title, genre, or character, but you can also browse movies and series directly. It also provides an overview of the collection. All movies with the full Star Wars saga or princesses are available directly as a tab in the quest mask. In the case of series, you can omit the introduction if you wish.

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