A price increase for Disney Plus users may be implemented as early as next year. Dealing yet another blow to families struggling with the rising cost of living.

The Disney plus has confirmed that it will increase pricing in 2023 in the US starting at the end of the year. And, it is possible that similar increases will also occur in the UK.

Disney had previously stated that it intended to create new subscription tiers. Including one supported by advertisements for individuals who choose the most affordable membership.

Unless they shell out more money for an ad-free version. Four minutes of commercials will be shown to customers on this tier per hour.

How much are Disney Plus prices rising in the US?


For the version with advertisements, US Disney Plus users will pay $7.99 per month. Customers currently pay this amount without any advertisements. Prices will jump to $10.99 per month for a service without ads.

These costs will go into effect in the US on December 8. And, may signal a similar new pricing structure in the UK.

Disney previously discloses the international introduction of the ad-support membership tier in 2023.

It follows that Disneyplus.com/start subscribers in the UK won’t likely notice a price adjustment for the rest of the year. But starting in 2023, a change to the membership tiers may result in higher expenses.

The version with commercials will brand Disney+ Basic when the new pricing increases go into effect. While the version without ads will dub Disney + Premium.

What are the current subscription costs in the UK?

Disneyplus.com Begin

Currently, Disney Plus users in the UK pay £7.99 a month or £79.90 annually.

Paying annually rather than monthly can assist reduce costs because it results in a 15% annual savings.

Users in the UK could anticipate paying £7.99 for the streaming service with advertisements. Else, £10.99 per month for the ad-free version if Disney adopts the same pricing strategy as the US.

As a result, consumers who want to avoid the price increase will have to put up with advertisements.

In order to provide early access to some content, Disneyplus Begin code has also developed the Premier option, which costs an additional £19.99. Between April and June of this year, this service added 14.4 million customers.

Disney Plus subscriptions can occasionally be obtained by Tesco Clubcard holders in return for their points. While O2, a mobile service provider, gives a six-month subscription to new customers or those renewing their plan.

How do I cancel Disney Plus?


A customer’s cancellation of a monthly or annual subscription may make it at any time. And, it will become effective at the conclusion of the current billing cycle.

Simply sign into your Disneyplus.com/begin account on a computer or mobile device, choose your profile, and then click “Account” to cancel.

Click “Cancel Subscription” after selecting your Disney Plus subscription from the list under “Subscription”.

Disney Plus will be available to you until the end of your current billing cycle. But you won’t be charged going ahead.

The procedures for cancelling your subscription may be different if you signed up for Disney Plus through a third party. For help cancelling, you should speak with your provider directly. 

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