From about 18:00 on January 15, 2021, the video distribution service “” will display an error “The maximum number of devices that can be used at the same time. (UCP-1050)” and did not can be seen. The number of users facing problems is increasing rapidly.

Disney Plus Cannot Be Viewed Due To An Error

Disneyplus Begin Code

From about 18:00 on January 15, 2021, the following error is displayed on “Disneyplus Begin Code“, and the number of users with problems playing videos is increasing rapidly.

Looking at the content of the error message, it looks like you are viewing from multiple terminals at the same time, but it is displayed, even though it should have been accessed from only one terminal.

During A Failure

Currently, official announcement page has started announcing that the following problems have occurred.

Therefore, the ucp-1050 error (terminal upper limit error), which is currently increasing rapidly, appears to be the cause of this failure.

Disneyplus begin code

About Measures

Basically, wait for a while until the error goes away, then reopen it and try running it again.

In addition, you may be able to watch it if you watch it after downloading and saving instead of watching it by streaming, so please try it as well.

Postscript: To Recovery

Since around 23:00, the number of voices saying “recovery” has been increasing rapidly.

Please re-open Disney Plus and see if you can watch it without any errors.

If the error persists, restart the terminal and try again, or if the error still occurs, it may recur or some users may have a problem, so try again. Please try again after a while to see if you can connect.

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