As much as we love making all our favorite Disney classics available to stream on there’s no denying that the streaming service sometimes has some issues. For example, a strange glitch caused many Disney Plus user profiles to be changed from English to Spanish. It sure was weird, but now, there’s a new Disney Plus issue that’s causing all kinds of grief. The article continues below the advertisement If you have a 2021 Samsung Smart TV, you may have noticed that Disney Plus suddenly stopped working with your TV – even if you’ve used it without any problems before. Here’s what’s up with Disney Plus and Samsung TV issues.

Lots of users are facing login/begin and Samsung TV problems. “I have a 2021 Samsung TV,” Reddit user gamer 9000 recently posted to the r/DisneyPlus subreddit. “When I went to watch Disney+ it said it didn’t fit my TV. It doesn’t make sense because I watched Disney Plus yesterday, no problem! What’s up!” They are far from the only people who have problems with Disney Plus and their Samsung TVs. So what is going on?

The first thing to note is that while Disney Plus Begin Code may be the only app that is no longer working on your Samsung TV, the problem actually originated with Samsung, not the streaming service. Secondly, the problem seems to be with the 2021 Samsung Smart TVs. Third (and perhaps most important), Samsung and Disney Plus are aware of the issue and are believed to be working on a solution.

Obviously, it’s not great for either party not to solve the problem, so chances are your Samsung TV and your Disney Plus app will be at best again soon. In the meantime, there are a few things you can try on your part to troubleshoot. First, we recommend the age-old IT solution: turning it off and on again. Restart your TV, restart the Disney Plus app, then try uninstalling and reinstalling your Disney Plus app.

Note: If you know you have a 2021 Samsung Smart TV, power cycling won’t work until Samsung has fixed the problem, but it never hurts to be sure Make sure all your software is up-to-date. If you don’t have a 2021 model, this is the first thing to try.

Second, make sure there are no Disney Plus outages in your area. You can easily do this by visiting:- This advice is great for anyone who experiences Disney Plus problems, no matter what model of TV you have.