It’s Friday, so let’s look at what Disney+ has introduced to the UK and Ireland today. Which includes some sing-along renditions of some of the studio’s classics.

Beauty and the Beast (1991) Sing-Along

A stunning young lady named Belle consents to live with the Beast in exchange for the release of her kidnapped father. The horrifying kidnapper of Belle, who she soon learns is an enchanted prince, is truly a human.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Sing-Along

A peasant girl named Belle sets out on a quest to rescue her father from a monster that has imprisoned him in a dungeon. She eventually discovers that the creature is a cursed enchanted prince.

Tangled Sing-Along

Rapunzel is locked up by her overly protective mother while she is young and innocent. Her desire to escape her jail eventually comes true when she meets the kind-hearted burglar Flynn.

StreetDance – Folge deinem Traum

When Zander Raines adopts a lovely contemporary dancer named Barlow as his inspiration for his avant-garde new Broadway play. He unintentionally sparks a romantic rivalry with his pianist, Charlie.

Moomins on the Riviera

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The Moomins take sail for the Riviera, where, after a perilous journey through storms and barren islands. Snorkmaiden is enchanted by the attention of a charmer. It is at this point that Moomin realizes that the most terrible of all pains is the sting of jealousy.

I, Anna

Since she was in the victim’s apartment the night he died. Anna, an enigmatic woman, may have the key to the homicide case Detective Reid is trying to solve. Anna’s perspective on the incident creates a powerful psychological mystery. Which causes us to question the veracity of what we see.

The Great Beauty

Jep Gambardella has spent decades seducing his way through Rome’s extravagant nightlife. But after turning 65 and experiencing a jolt from the past. Jep decides to seek beyond the clubs and parties to discover a timeless landscape of ridiculous and exquisite beauty.


A woman causes a stir when she expresses interest in an old childhood friend. When she returns to her Orthodox Jewish community following the death of her rabbi father.

Clouds of Sils Maria

A fresh production of the play that made Maria Enders famous twenty years ago. This offers her when she is at the height of her international career. But since then, things have changed. She will now portray a character who attaches unhealthily to a younger, more attractive lady.

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