The popularity of the teaser trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water disproves the claims of James Cameron’s detractors that the first Avatar film had a little cultural impact.

James Cameron is already dispelling misconceptions about Avatar: The Way of Water, as evidenced by the number of times the clip has been viewed online. Almost 13 years have passed since James Cameron first screened the first Avatar movie in theatres, pushing the envelope of visual effects and showcasing 3D technology while becoming the most successful film of all time. The filmmaker of Avatar: The Way of Water endured a protracted wait for technology to advance and realize his vision. However, it has been fairly unexpected to see how the Avatar franchise has been discussed during that time.

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The idea that no one cares about the movie Avatar has grown over time. Despite the fact that it currently holds the top spot in the all-time box office rankings. As people started taking pleasure in pointing out the shortcomings of Avatar. Critics of James Cameron’s decision to recycle well-known stories for his own sci-fi film increased. When compared to series that viewers were far more interested in, such as Marvel, DC, or Star Wars. Cameron’s film frequently received online criticism for the lack of cultural impact it had. All of this contributed to the perception that Avatar 2 would turn out to be a major letdown. Additionally, no one was looking forward to it or any of James Cameron’s previous sequels.

Avatar 2,3,4&5 Story Play Avoids Big Problems For Cameron’s Sequels

How popular the franchise is was made clear with the release of the first Avatar: The Way of Water video. Despite all the negative feedback the sequel has gotten. According to recent sources, Avatar 2’s trailer outperformed every Star Wars film. As well as a number of other well-known blockbusters in the first 24 hours following release. The 148.6 million views for the Avatar sequel trailer have surpassed every Star Wars trailer. This is an astounding accomplishment even though Spider-Man: No Way Home’s 355 million views. Its most recent record-breaking trailer is well below that of the Avatar sequel trailer. It demonstrates whatever critics of James Cameron and the franchise may claim. There is substantial interest in what he has created.

The irony of the criticism of Avatar: The Way of Water is that those who disagree are probably the ones. That helps the movie succeed in the end. The popularity of the Avatar 2 teaser demonstrates how eager audiences are to see the newest release. From one of the biggest blockbuster directors in movie history. when the follow-theatrical up’s debut occurs in December 2022. Those Avatar fans who are unaware of the internet’s backlash will undoubtedly show up in force. Even James Cameron detractors, however, most likely won’t be able to avoid attending. They will continue to contribute to the movie’s box office success. Whether it’s to actively dislike watching Avatar 2 or to give it a genuine shot to win them over. In order to post their comments online. Which probably happened in some capacity with the trailer.

There will be a lot of eyeballs on Avatar 2’s box office. To see how well this transfers given the excitement the teaser has inspired. If the success of the trailer views carries over, Avatar: The Way of Water should break the $1 billion record set by all of the most recent Star Wars films. It appears improbable that the sequel will surpass Avatar as the highest-grossing film ever, despite the obvious enthusiasm. The truth is that it will probably perform far below the box office of the first Avatar. But even a 50% decline may still place Avatar 2 in the vicinity of the top 10 all-time grosser. James Cameron’s detractors may be surprised to see exactly how popular the franchise is. And, the first movie actually is if interest in Avatar: The Way of Water keeps increasing as its release approaches and more trailers are revealed.

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