The upcoming Disney + original film “Clouds” might be the perfect movie for you if you love “Five Feet Apart” or perhaps “A Walk to Remember.” It centres on the musically gifted kid Zach Sobiech, It gives them six months to live after learning that his cancer is over. Also, with the limited time he has, he finds it difficult to decide how to utilise it and with whom. Should he pursue his artistic aspirations or spend time with his loved ones and Amy, his true love? ‘Clouds,’ which is based on a true story. Provides the motivation we all need to keep going when things are bad. What is known about the film’s impending release is listed below.


According to the Metacritic summary, Based on a remarkable true story. Zach Sobiech, 17, is a fun-loving senior in high school with a natural musical aptitude. But a few weeks into his senior year, just his fantasy lady begins to feel the same way about him. Zach learns that his illness has spread and that he only has six months to live. This news completely upends his world. Also, He and his best buddy and creative partner, Sammy, decide to follow their goals and eventually release an album with the limited time they have left. They had no idea that the globe would quickly catch on and that they would go viral. 

With time running out, Zach must face the truth that, no matter how he spends his remaining time. He will end up hurting the ones he cares about the most, including his true love Amy. Zach is forced to make difficult choices about how to spend his time. And, more importantly, with whom as his health starts to deteriorate. In the end, he realises that making music is the best way to say goodbye. And, so the popular song “Clouds” was born. Zach’s inspirational narrative is a tribute to what can happen. When you decide to live as if each day might be your last. Also, It is a real, uncensored, and beautiful look at the heartbreaking duality of life set to uplifting music.


Argus is well-known for his performances as Hansen in “The Commute,” Jack in “Gifted,” Charlie in “Perception,” and Jack in “The Regulars” (2016-2017). His most recent works include “Our House,” “Total Eclipse,” and the TV series “Agents of SHIELD” (2018-2020).

Moreover, Carpenter most recently appeared with Image results for Liza Koshy in the dance comedy-drama “Work It.” As Merrin Williams in “Horns” (2013), Maya Hart in “Girl Meets World” (2014–2017), Jenny Parker in “Adventures in Babysitting” (2016), and Hailey in “The Hate U Give,” she is best known for her roles (2018). Also, Milo Murphy’s Law (2016–2019), Tall Girl (2019), and Royalties are some of her most recent works (2020).

Furthermore, The rest of the cast includes Madison Iseman as Amy, Tom Everett Scott as Rob Sobiech, Neve Campbell as Laura Sobiech, Vivien Endicott Douglas as Alli, Lil Rel Howery, Dylan Everett as Sam, Summer H. Howell as Grace, and many more.

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