Disney Plus has millions of users worldwide and is a highly well-known video streaming service. It is often referred to as Disney+ Hotstar in the Asian region.

Disney Plus has a very engaging and feature-rich app and desktop website, but occasionally things might go wrong.

For instance, it was reported that many Disney Plus users had trouble getting past the loading screen. Many users complain that the loading screen for their Disney Plus accounts is stuck. Also, numerous people complain that while watching movies on Disney plus, the loading screen freezes.

Solving Disney Plus Stuck on Loading Screen

You have therefore come to the correct page if you are having issues like Disney Plus not moving forward on the loading screen. We’ve included a few simple solutions below for Disney Plus stuck on the loading screen. Let’s have a look.

Reasons Behind Disney Plus Not Loading Screen

The Disney + loading screen is stuck due to a few factors. Here are a few potential explanations:

  • Server Down of Disney Plus
  • Network Issues
  • Disney Plus Outdated Browser or App Cache 
  • The use of Proxies or VPN
  • Issues with the Streaming Device

What are the ways to solve Disney Plus being stuck on the Loading Screen?

Knowing every potential cause of Disney Plus not moving ahead on the loading screen should make troubleshooting simple. Here are a few quick fixes for Disney Plus’s loading screen:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

Poor internet performance is the main reason why Disney Plus won’t load. You may have trouble moving past the loading screen if your internet connection is erratic.

So, you should first check your internet connection before trying any other options. Check to see that your internet connection is reliable and functional. To verify your internet stability and speed, go to fast.com. In case, your internet is working and your Disney Plus is still stuck on the loading screen. For that, you need to go to the next methods below.

  1. Check if Disney Plus is Down
Disney Plus is Down

The next crucial check is to see whether there are any disruptions with Disney Plus. A server outage can occur at any time without warning and is more common than you might believe.

If the servers for Disney Plus are down, you can also have issues. Thus, before making a decision, check to see if the servers are up and operating by opening the Disney Plus Status page in the DownDetecter. You must wait for a few minutes or several hours until the servers are back online if Disney Plus is down everywhere.

  1. Restart the Disney Plus website or App

You must restart your web browser if you access Disney Plus using one. However, restart the Disney Plus app on your Android or iPhone if you are using it.

Also, the reason Disney Plus remains on the Loading Screen can be because of a platform bug. Therefore, it is advisable to restart the service or app. You must restart Disney Plus if you are using it on a streaming device like a FireTV Stick.

  1. Restart your Streaming Device
Restart your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Some streaming devices, like the FireTV Stick and Android TV Box, are compatible with Disney Plus.

You need to restart the streaming device if Disneyplus.com/begin on your streaming device is giving you loading screen issues. Restart your computer and try to enter Disney Plus again; you should have no issues again.

  1. Clear Disney Plus Cache & Data

Disney Plus Cache that is out of current or corrupt is frequently to blame for the app’s loading screen issues. You can only erase the app cache and data from your Android, iPhone, browser, or streaming devices here; there isn’t much else you can do.

Fixing the Disney Plus Loading Screen issue on FireStick

If you watch Disney on Firestick, then you must follow the easy steps to clear the app cache and data. Follow the steps given below:

  • Initially, choose Application in FireStick’s settings.
  • After that, look for Disney Plus under Manage Installed under Apps.
  • Then, hit Force Stop on the Disney + app on this screen.
  • After finishing, select Clear Cache & Clear Data.

When finished, just restart Disney Plus on FireStick. You will be able to skip the loading screen this time.

Solving the Disney Plus Loading Screen issue on Web Browser

Instead, you should adhere to these instructions if you use Disney Plus through a web browser. Here’s how to solve Disney Plus on a browser that remains on the loading screen.

  • Open a browser and go to the Disney Plus website first.
  • Click on the padlock icon in the URL bar if the website opens but fails to load correctly.
  • Click on Cookies next.
  • Choose each saved biscuit individually and click the Delete button on the Cookies in use prompt.
  • Repeat the procedure until all cookies are deleted.

Eventually, this is the way you can troubleshoot the Disney Plus loading screen on the web browser.

Fixing the Disney Plus Loading Screen issue on Android

In case, you are facing problems while using the Disney Plus app on Android, repeat the steps we have shared below:

  • Firstly, open the app manager on your Android device.
  • Then, on the App Manager, as soon as you find the Disney Plus app click on it.
  • Followingly, tap on the Clear Cache and then Clear Data option.

I’m done now! Restart your Android smartphone after making the adjustments. Relaunch Disney Plus after the restart. This time, you can bypass the Disney + Stuck on the Loading screen.

  1. Disable Adblockers or screencast
Disable Adblockers

The issue is because of ad blockers and screencasting software. Therefore, users face problems like Disney Plus remaining on the loading screen. As a result, you should disable either of these two things before trying.

Disable any ad blocking extensions you may use in Chrome’s extension manager. Similarly, you must stop casting your screen using a screencasting program.

  1. Disable Proxies or VPN

For accessing Disney Plus in the block you may use Proxy or VPN services. Although proxies or VPNs can unblock the streaming service, there will still be some issues.

Disney Plus remaining on the loading screen while a movie is playing is one of the most frequent issues. You must stop your Proxy connection or VPN software if you are encountering this problem. Numerous people have asserted that removing the proxy or VPN can resolve the Disney Plus Stuck on Loading screen issue.

  1. Update the Disney Plus App

You must upgrade the Disney Plus software as soon as possible, regardless of the platform you are using, whether it is an Android, iOS, or streaming device.

You might not be able to watch your favourite movies and TV shows on Disney Plus due to a bug in an older app version.

One of the perfect methods to remove such issues is by updating the Disney Plus app on your connected devices. The Disney Plus app’s stuck-on-loading issue can be resolved by updating it.