With more than 100 million Disney plus users, it’s understandable why Disney Plus scams are constantly in demand. Though they have tried to incorporate some Disney magic, the scammers’ methods largely stay the same. Read on to find out more.

How Do Disney+ Phishing Scams Work?

Scams involving Disneyplus typically take place via email. To improve their odds of finding a victim, the scammers send out a lot of emails. Here are a few instances:

The emails appear to have genuinely come from Disney at first glance. They look at the role; the logo is present. You can easily see people fall into these kinds of frauds.

5 Common Types of Disneyplus Scams

The emails almost always state that the recipient’s Disneyplus account has a problem that needs to be fixed — usually right away. The types of problems that scammers bring up can vary widely, but the following five are frequent ones that come up all the time:

  • You have been locked out of your account.
  • There is a problem with your payment details.
  • Somebody has hacked into your account.
  • Your account is going to be deleted.
  • There’s been a new sign-in to your account.

Whatever falsehood the con artists use to deceive you—and there’s a good chance they’ll use one not already covered—their objective is always the same: to persuade you to click on the harmful link concealed within the email. The malicious link will direct you to a fake version of the Disney+ website, not the legitimate one as you will be led to think.

Like the correspondence, the imitation website will appear very authentic. It will have a website-like appearance. However, the scammer will have total authority over the imitation website. This implies that the con artist will have access to all the information you submit on the website. Your email address, phone number, password, or credit card information, for instance, will all fall into the hands of the con artist if you enter any personal information.

3 Tips for Spotting DisneyPlus Scams

The following are some warning signs of Disney+ frauds (and phishing scams generally):

  • Spelling errors – You’d think they’d at least double-check their emails, wouldn’t you? Many of the samples we’ve seen have frequently had numerous errors.
  • After that, they urge you to take immediate action to intimidate you into providing your personal information by getting you to make an instantaneous, impulsive decision.
  • Untrustworthy email addresses The con artists must use their email accounts because they lack access to legitimate ones. Fortunately, this is a glaring red flag, so always double-check the sender’s email address.

How can one avoid Disney+ Scams

  • Go to the Disney plus Help Center to speak with a certified customer service agent if you suspect there may be a problem with your Disney+ account.
  • NEVER click on unidentified links or attachments, not even those that seem to be from friends. To quickly identify the scammers use Trend Micro Check.

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